September 29, 2009

All By Myself

Yogurt seems to be a big hit in my family these days. The kids seem to all fight over the lemon yogurt so I make a special effort to buy more of that flavor. Abby doesn't care what flavor she gets and is just happy to be eating. Today as I was about to feed Abby some yogurt I gave here a spoonful and then set the cup on the table far enough away so she couldn't grab it while I cut up some strawberries for Emma. The next thing I know Abby is reaching as far as she can to get the yogurt. Somehow she managed to grab the spoon which brought the yogurt cup a little closer. She was content to try and feed herself so I figured I would let her try. I placed the yogurt on her tray and let her at it. She was a complete mess by the end but she finished the entire thing of yogurt. Now when I go to feed her yogurt she refuses to let me feed her. She just wants to do it ALL BY HERSELF!! I guess I should be happy about it but I am desperatley trying to hold onto all of those last little baby things. With Abby probably being our last I realize that time is going by too fast. She is already 15 months and soon she will be 18 months and then 2 years. I just love every moment I have with her. She is such a joy and a total hoot to be around. There is not a day that goes by where she just doesn't make me want to smile!

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