October 2, 2009

A Special Package

Today we got a special package in the mail. It was from my cousin Jenny who owns her own dress up company. She let each of the kids pick out a couple of new costumes. Emma got three new princess dresses and the boys got a knight and crusader costume and another black cloak. Emma was so excited that she immediatley tried her new dresses on. She wanted me to take her picture and I didn't bat an eye at the idea. She had so much fun running around in her pretty pink Parisian dress and her purple Rapunzel dress. Thankfully it was sunny outside so we didn't freeze. I love the fact that Emma gets so excited by her dress ups. She informed me that all she needed was a crown. It is surprising but we actually don't own a single princess crown.

When the boys got home they were equally as excited to find their new knight and crusader costumes. They wore them the entire afternoon and just kept telling me how awesome they were. It wasn't too hard to convince them all to be knights and princesses for Halloween this year. SCORE...and I didn't have to purchase a thing!

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