October 21, 2009

Abby . 16 months

Abby . 16 months

20 lbs 12 oz (finally!!!) and 31.5 inches tall

has enough hair for her very first ponytail--and she didn't touch it

runs to her brothers as they get off the bus and calls them by name

likes to take her shoes and socks off and then try and put them on again

will grab me a diaper if I ask her to and will lay down while I change her

loves to talk on the phone

new words: don't touch, cheese, this, bubble, bap (bath), poop, sof (soft), out

favorite person: daddy

favorite song: itsy bitsy spider and the apple tree song

favorite food: cheese, bagels, fruit

loves to run away and be chased--she will actually look back to make sure you are chasing her

loves to be naughty and play with the toilet bowl water (I am always shutting bathroom doors)

loves to brush her teeth and will stand and let me brush them first

is not thrilled about being dropped off at the gym kid zone

got three more teeth and only has one more to go until her 2 year molars

loves to chew on my camleback water bottle spout--I finally broke down and bought her a small pink jug for her chewing pleasure

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