October 3, 2009

Abby . 15 months

can say shoes, baby, hi and bye, te-tah(Peter), andu(Andrew), emma, mama, dada, daw (dog), tees (teeth), wee, uh-oh, off, mil(milk), ball, nana (banana)

waves bye-bye

can climb up the playground step and slide down the slide all by herself

loves cookies and anything sweet

drank chocolate milk for the first time and blew bubbles from the straw

loves to drink with straws and chew on them

went to the zoo to see the animals and rode on a carousel for the first time

likes to be running instead of walking

loves to have bubble baths with her sister

can go down the stairs all by herself

chews on cups, toys, books, blankets, and her binkey

fascinated by her baby doll's little diaper

ate yogurt all by herself with a big girl spoon

likes to color with crayons and pens

had her first little hair trim (trimmed the little wings behind her ears)

likes to play with the empty laundry baskets putting her toys in them and pushing them around

went to the beach for the first time and loved the water and sand

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