October 23, 2009

The Matrix Wilhelm Style

So here we are posing as Agent Smith and Trinity from the Matrix for a Halloween costume party that we went to tonight. It was fun getting ready together and then getting into character. Mike had the voice down with some classic lines and I enjoyed standing a little taller next to Mike. It was probably one of the funnest Halloween parties we have been to. The company was excellent, the costumes hilarious, the food delectable, and the scavenger hunt unbeatable. Our friends have this really awesome backyard with a giant garden in the middle and trails that wind up around the entire backyard. Mike and I are always saying that we would love to be on the Amazing Race. This was our chance to prove to ourselves that we could work well together as a team. Why is it that every year I am wearing heels? After reading a few of the clues Mike just took off looking for anything out of the ordinary and I sat there wanting to be organzied about reading the clues. It took us awhile to come together and slow down to figure things out. I guess we are not Amazing Race ready just yet but we did have so much fun on the hunt. The best part of the scavenger hunt was our friend's head poking out of the table talking non stop all while the chain saw is running in the background...scarry, hilarous, and all part of the ambience. I love Halloween just for the excuse to get dressed up for the fun of it. What a blast it is to never be too old to get dressed up!

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