October 30, 2009

Halloween Festivities

We were all so excited for Halloween this year. The week before Halloween we used our Halloween dishes and for lunch we cut our sandwiches into pumpkins, ghosts, bats, and moons. We decorated caramel apples, listened to fun Halloween music, carved our pumpkins, and wore our costumes almost everyday in preparation for our fun filled Halloween weekend. On the one sunny day during the week we headed over to the park to take some fun costume pictures. After coming home we sat on the front porch to take our traditional porch picture. Abby was really interested in the pumpkins and loved playing with her tiny pumpkin.

This year for Halloween the boys wanted to be a knight and crusader and Emma wanted to be a pink princess. We dressed up Abby in the smallest princess dress we had and so she got to be Snow White. Emma was insistent on wearing a crown this year. We looked at a few stores and ended up buying two pretty inexpensive tiaras. Of course both of them broke before Halloween and so we ended up buying one more cheap tiara which she was not allowed to wear until Halloween (or in the pictures because I thought she looked better without it--she agreed to take pictures without it on--thank goodness). The boys wanted new swords and shields and after looking everywhere and not having much luck with knight swords and shields we opted to settle for the shields we already owned. It is not surprising that both of them wanted the same shield. With a little convincing we were able to work it out.

Our church Halloween party was a blast. The boys braved the Haunted House and since I was taking Emma around to the different booths while Mike was manning one of the booths I hardly saw the boys all night. Thankfully I knew that they were not far and surrounded by people I trust. Halloween night was just as much fun. Mike was sick so I got to take the older three out to go trick or treating. We were fortunate enough to leave the house the same time as some of our good neighbors. The kids enjoyed trick or treating with some of their neighbor friends and I loved being able to catch up with the adults. The boys were so excited and rather quick which made it hard to keep up with them. Emma and I ended up skipping a few houses and I carried her part of the way just to keep up with the boys. I love our neighborhood and our neighbors. We live on such a great street with so many wonderful people. Oh how we will miss trick or treating here next year!

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