February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

This isn't really one of those holidays that Mike and I go all out for. We try and do nice things for each other along the way. However, the kids love putting together Valentines cards for their friends at school. Even Emma got excited and so I bought her some princess valentines cards. She wrote her name on one of her valentines all by herself. This is a huge accomplishment for her. She is kind of a perfectionist (don't know where she gets that from...hee hee) and so after trying hard to write her name in the litte space provided on each card she finally gave up and was happy to complete just the one card. The boys were like speed demons writing their names on each card. Andrew had a list of the kids in his class but Peter didn't. Peter reassured me that he knew who all the kids in his class were. He proceeded to write a card to each of his friends in his class. When we finally did get the list a couple of days later I realized that he had gotten everyone on his list but one. Pretty good for a first grader. It was cute to see how he spelled his friend's names. This year we filled the bags with their personalized valentines card and some chocolate and then topped it with a Happy Valentines Day greeting. This was an idea I got from Becky Higgins. She has the most wonderful ideas when it comes to making things homemade. The boys had so much fun stapling the greetings at the top of their bag. Andrew even got to use his brand new mini football stapler he got from box top day at school. This year I decided to try and visit their classrooms during their parties at school. It was so much fun to see them having fun giving valentines to their friends. The best part, however, was seeing their excitement to see me and the girls there. They were proud to show off their sisters and were not shy to give me hugs in front of their friends!

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