February 17, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Having an easy child like Abby is such a blessing. She has always been a good eater, a good sleeper, good at taking naps, and pretty much happy to play with or without company. One of the things I've noticed about Abby is how much she enjoys our bedtime routine. Our routine consists of both the girls picking out a book for me to read. Abby sits on my left leg and Emma sits on my right leg as we read together in the glider. After books I tuck Emma into her little bed and I hold Abby in the glider while we take turns picking songs to sing.
These are some of the girl's favorite songs to sing:

Apple Tree Song
Way High in the Sky
Cocount Song
Primary Colors
Jumbo the Elephant
Dinosaur Song
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam
I am a Child of God
Book of Mormon Stories
The Temple Song
Wheels on the Bus
Once there was a Snowman
Popcorn Song

These are their favorite books:

Go Dog Go
If you give a Cat a Cupcake
If you give a Pig a Pancake
If you give a Pig a Party
Marvin K Mooney
Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb
The Foot Book
Mother Goose
Cat in the Hat
No David books

Luckily Emma is not jealous with the situation of me holding Abby while we sing. I have held each one of my children before the age of 2 and sang songs to them before bed. After we have sung a handful of songs I put Abby in her crib and kiss both the girls goodnight before walking out the door. Over the last week Abby has really struggled with letting me walk out of the room. For the first few nights I just tried tough love and let her cry it out. I wasn't about to go down that road of giving in. After a few days I noticed that she kept pointing to Emma's bed and saying "bed." I finally realized that all she wanted was to sleep in Emma's bed. I had noticed that she liked to climb up onto Emma's bed during the day and pretend to sleep. I am surprised I didn't pick up on the signs before. I guess I could've just ignored it and made her sleep in her crib but knowing that we will not be taking the crib to Japan I knew that I had to make the switch soon anyways. I was curious to see how well she would sleep in a bed. The first night I laid her in Emma's bed I think she was surprised that I was actually going to let her sleep out of her crib. I sang her one song and asked her if she wanted another song. She actually shook her head no and so I kissed her goodnight and walked out. She did not make a peep and she did not get out of that bed. The second night the same thing happened. She did not make a peep and she did not get out of bed. This was too good to be true!! The third night she got out 2 times but then stayed in bed and fell asleep. Emma was such a trooper through it all, laying on the other mattress on the floor. By the fourth night Abby was a pro. Ocassionally she gets out of bed but for the most part she continues to be such an easy child. Now if I could just get her to be interested in the potty again....maybe another time!!!

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