February 28, 2010

Random moments in February

Why is it that the kids seem to be growing and changing faster than I would like? I wish I could stop time so that I could enjoy all of the little moments that happen during childhood. Since I don't want to forget a single moment I have decided to make a special effort every month to document those random but nevertheless important moments that never quite make it to a full blog post.

a b b y

This month started with our new little screamer. Every time Abby got frustrated at something or someone she would belt out the most annoying scream. Then right afterwards she would put her hands to her mouth as if she knew she had done something wrong. I tried so hard not to laugh because it was so cute. It was a team effort from all of us to nicely tell her not to scream. We all thought we were in big trouble when day after day she continued to have too many screaming moments. Then one day it all stopped. She doesn't scream very much any more and for that we are grateful.

Abby really likes the books by David Shannon called, "No, David," and "David gets into trouble." In one of the books David is told to not pick his nose. The two page spread has this little boy with his finger shoved up his nose. Abby seemed to think it was so funny so she started to stick her finger in her nose all the time and say, "No, David." A while ago while at a church event Abby was picking her nose and some lady came up to Mike and told him that he shouldn't let her pick her nose. This same lady pulled Abby's finger out and Mike just tried to ignore it. Then the lady came by again and did the same thing. To this Mike replied, "We really don't mind the nose picking too much in our house. Since I'm an ENT doctor it is approved in our house." To this I have to add that we don't encourage our children to pick their noses but who can really stop a 1 year old from doing it? Like the screaming this was also short lived. Only occasionally will I find Abby's finger in her nose and rather than saying 'no' I just say, "That's right Abby, No David."

e m m a

This month marked the end of gymanstics for Emma. She has really enjoyed gymnastics for the last six months. Emma really got attached to coach Charlie. She was so good and kind to the kids but still demanded hard work. After six months Emma has been able to do a cartwheel on the cartwheel guidance mat, do a handstand against the wall, swing her legs up onto the bar and kick them over with minor assistance, walk forwards, sideways, and backwards on the beam, do a v sit on the beam, run and jump on the springboard into the foam pit, work on some jumping skills on the trampoline and do log rolls and bridges on the floor. She learned more than gymnastic skills though. She learned to be confident, to try new things, to make friends, to take turns and be patient, and to listen to her coach.

p e t e r

After a month and a half of watching Peter's loose front tooth slowly start shifting towards his other tooth it finally came out--but not without some help. I could hardly stand to look at the crooked tooth as it hung in there. Since one side was loose but the other wasn't it just slowly started hugging his other front tooth. It wasn't the most attractive thing and I'm sure it was such a hassle for Peter to bite down in the front. We all reminded him to keep wiggling it so that it would come out sooner. One night I came home from cub scouts and the first thing I saw when I walked in the door was Peter holding his tooth up for me to see. Apparently he was playing with Mike and Peter hit his mouth with his knees and that's when his mouth started bleeding A LOT...so Mike just yanked on his tooth and out it came. Peter's response to me was, "It didn't even hurt." When I inspected his mouth to see the new hole I realized that the grown up tooth had already poked through his gums. It was definitely time for that tooth to be gone.

a n d r e w

Andrew came home one day this month and couldn't stop telling me how he had done yoga in PE. He was so excited by how cool it was. I told him that I had a yoga video and that we should do it together sometime. One Saturday I got out the video and set up my purple yoga mat for him. Emma couldn't be left out so we laid a blanket next to Andrew so she would have a mat as well. The two of them had so much fun doing yoga togehter. They both did the entire 20 minute video.

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