February 18, 2010

Cub Scouts . Wolf Den . Troop 494

When I was called to be Andrew's den mom back in January I was excited but a little nervous because let's face it...I didn't know ANYTHING about cub scouts. After being with the wolf den for two months I have really come to love those boys and to love the cub scout program. It hasn't always been easy to make the 40 minute round trip commute to the church at 6:30pm with possibly all four kids in tow, but I know being involved in Andrew's cub scout experience has been a blessing for me and for him. Our wolf den may be small but those boys have the energy of 10 boys combined. In the last two months we have already been on 2 field trips--The Police Station and Historical Ft. Steilacoom. The boys really had a good time at the Police Station seeing the temporary cell rooms and playing on the police vehicles. At Ft. Steilacoom they learned about the military troops that were stationed at Ft. Steilacoom from 1849-1868. They got to see the authentic battle dress and an original rifle. We were all a little surprised at how heavy the rifle truly was. They were intrigued by the model of the fort, the cannons, and the pretend confederate money that they got to take home. Andrew and Noah were so cold standing outside during the demonstration of the battle gear so one of the den moms offered her sons coat for the boys to wear. Both Andrew and Noah, being the skinny boys they are, could both fit into the coat. It was hilarious and they couldn't help but be silly in it.

Aside from our fun field trips we have worked hard on passing off some of the wolf requirements. At our Blue and Gold Dinner last week Andrew finally earned his Wolf Badge, 3 more yellow beads, and a Golden Arrow. I am so proud of Andrew for finishing up his wolf requirements before our crazy move this summer and his birthday in July. Now we can focus on electives and belt loops just for fun. I never thought being involved in cub scouts could be so much fun!

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