April 15, 2011

Grandpa Al's Backyard

Grandpa Al has an ENORMOUS yard which provided for a lot of outdoor adventure while we were visiting.  Grandpa let Peter plant his own onion patch and Emma got to plant her own little patch of Forget Me Nots.   I thorougly enjoyed watching all of the flowers bloom on the trees.  The kids loved to roam free playing on the tree swing and in the handmade log fort built by their cousins.  One day Mike pulled out the tractor lawnmower just for fun and the kids were all over that.  Everyone got to have a ride and we even let Andrew ride it all by himself which he loved.  He was very careful to not destroy any of the trees and plants that Grandpa likes to plant in random places all over the yard.  He was very good at making the turns.  Seeing so much land made Mike and I excited for the future when we will be able to have more land again.  The older we get the more we want to live out in the country somewhere...maybe with horses.  Wishful thinking I know.  It was nice to have some time enjoying a good sized yard where the kids could run and play tag, blow bubbles and have watergun and nerf gun fights.  It was just perfect when the weather was nice!

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