April 22, 2011

Family Reunion . Days 2 and 3

The following day the weather turned kind of nasty and it rained almost the entire day. We had planned on taking family pictures outside but had to change plans and take them inside. It required a little rearranging of the furniture to get us all in the picture. We were lucky to get one shot out of several taken where everyone was looking at the camera. For fun we did some silly shots too.

Our adventure for the day was a tour at Fallingwater. Since children under the age of 5 aren't allowed on the tour Mike volunteered to stay behind with Abby since he had already taken the tour when he was a kid. Sweet guy. The younger kids got to have a children's tour with two of the adults and the rest of us took the regular tour. The house was fascinating. It was interesting to hear why Frank Lloyd Wright did certain things with the house. The house was literally built on the top of this gigantic waterfall. He built the house for the Kaufmann family and wanted them to not only see the waterfall and its surroundings but to feel and hear it as well. It was definitely a tour that everyone enjoyed.

Back at the cabin the kids enjoyed playing Dance, Dance, Revolution on the Wii that we brought and had fun decorating Easter cupcakes and cookies. We ended our evening with a family testimony meeting. The next day we played capture the flag (adults and small kids vs older kids).  The older kids ended up winning only because they CHEATED but it was fun nevertheless.  Before we left Mike wrote all over his sisters car with washable car markers.  Everyone thought it was hilarous.  It was the perfect way to end our reunion.

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