June 15, 2010

Spring Baseball

The boys really enjoyed their very first baseball season. Luckily they were both on the same team which made it so much easier for practices and games. They had three great coaches. Peter was one of the youngest on the team but he held his own out on the field and up to bat. It was fun to watch him hit some nice balls and make it to first, second and all the way home. Andrew amazed us with his skills at bat. For most of the season he hardly missed a ball. He made some really great plays and scored a couple of times. Andrew was able to play second base and outfield this season.

It was a huge blessing for Mike to be a big part of their baseball experience. During our warm and dry afternoons I would find Mike outside throwing balls to the boys. He even took them to most of their practices and some of their games when I couldn't be there. I was able to make it to half of their games and it was fun to watch them and cheer them on. I know they like to play baseball and I am excited for them to learn more about the game and to pick up some new skills at baseball camp this summer in Japan.

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