June 4, 2010


Right after the holidays this year we were already starting to think about the end of Residency and how we would celebrate such a momentous occasion. Going somewhere far was out of the question as we would most likely be in the process of moving. So we opted for the next best plan which was to go back to a favorite location of ours--Salish Lodge. The perfect romantic getaway just for two awaited us at the end of such a long road of late nights, beeping pagers, rotations away, and dinners without dad. The weather during our stay was goregous. We ate dinner at the top of the Lodge called The Loft. We sat at one of the window tables overlooking the beautiful Snoqualmie falls as we listened to live guitar music and singing. The music was excellent, the food was good, and the peace that surrounded us was so nice. After eating we got ready for our hour long massages and then to the spa to relax in the hot pools. After a good nights sleep without any kids waking us up in the morning we headed over to the restaurant to have our ridicously tasty 4 course breakfast. Again we sat near the window overlooking the falls and the beautiful sunshine. There was so much food I think even Mike was having a hard time finishing it all. After all that food we headed out to walk down to the falls. I had been looking forward to spending some time getting some fun and creative shots of the falls only to be disappointed by a sign saying the trail was closed for renovations until 2013. Well, I will be back in 3 years then. We enjoyed the falls from the top and although my pictures don't do the falls justice it was still so wonderous and spectacular to see the falls from the top. There was the most wonderful rainbow and I was surprised that I was actually able to capture a glimpse of it with my camera. Our getaway was a great treat and I only wish it could have lasted a little longer.

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