June 10, 2010

DC United vs Sounders

Back in the day before we had kids and while living near DC, Mike and I enjoyed going to the DC United Soccer games with our good friend Gina. For Christmas this year Gina got the boys cool DC United jerseys. What a cool friend she is. After she learned that Mike got tickets to the Sounders vs DC United game in Seattle she sent us a DC United scarf, shirts and blow up bangers. It was so fun to sport our DC United gear under our green jackets. Since the Sounders colors are green and blue we looked like Sounders fans from the outside (good for not getting booed at as we entered the stadium) but on the inside we were DC United all the way. We only took the boys with us which proved to be a good thing. They had so much fun watching the game but probably more than that they enjoyed all the free food that came with our tickets. Surprisingly DC United was up by 2 goals at the half. During the last five minutes of the game with a score of 2-0 (DC United up) we noticed many people starting to leave the stadium. What a mistake that was. In the last 2 minutes of the game the Sounders scored and the crowd went completely WILD. It was the most exciting end to a game. In the end DC United won and we were all secretly happy. It was a great start to get us all excited for the World Cup!

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