May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

We had a unique Mother's Day this year as we headed up to Yokota for District Conference instead of having the typical Mother's Day with our normal church meetings.  The drive was stress free with little traffic and we made it there early which guaranteed us a row in the main seating area.  The speakers were wonderful and I especially enjoyed listening to Elder Choi from the First Quorum of the Seventy and his wife.  The kids were extra reverent which was all the mother's day gift I needed.  Afterwards we headed into Tokyo to spend the afternoon and stay the night in Tokyo at the New Sanno Hotel.  We spent a good deal of the afternoon at Arisugawa Park across the street from the Temple.  We walked around the park enjoying its beautiful paths and ponds and played in the waterfall area.  The kids had fun finding and playing with the small turtles.  They were so cute.  We eventually made it up to the playground area and played for hours.  The park had a good mix of people from many different nationalities.  It was a great place to people watch.  The kids made friends quickly with some of the other kids and it helped that most everyone there spoke English.  What topped it all off was the perfect weather.  It was not too hot or too cold.  It was so mild you didn't even realize that you were outside at all. 

My Favorite Moments:

-soaking our feet in the waterfall area and finding turtles to hold
-watching the kids faces radiate with pure joy on the swings.  Peter was on the swing constantly. 
-timing Andrew and Peter as they ran their made up obstacle course around the play area
-watching Emma discover that she could in fact climb up the big jungle gym and hang upside down
-watching Abby run up the stairs and down the slide a dozen times in a row
-watching the girls make friends with some of the other kids
-sitting next to Mike enjoying watching our kids play on a beautiful spring day and feeling lucky to have the best family in the world. 

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