May 16, 2011

Downhill Skateboarding

For most of the winter the skateboard just sat under the cabinets in our entry way/mud room.  The other day the boys were out at the zipline park and they watched as a very brave little Japanese boy rode his bike down the grass turf hill at the park.  The turf was put on the hill intending it to be used for the kids to go down on sleds or whatever else.  We have seen other people bringing their roller slide seats to go down it but this was the first time we saw someone riding down it on a bike.  Andrew and Peter got the idea to use their skateboard to ride down the hill.  At first they both just sat on the skateboard to go down and then Andrew got brave enough to go down on his feet.  They had a blast and came inside to get me so that I could watch them and their new tricks.  It was hilarous to watch them but also joyful to see them having so much fun together.  They are lucky to have each other and I am lucky that they get along so well.  

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