May 24, 2011

Getting Dressed

There is no need to ever go to the circus when I have Abby around.  She is literally a one kid show with all of her funny ways.  Her latest funnies have included how she loves to be naked after going to the bathroom.  Since she has been potty trained she has been really paranoid about peeing on her shirt or dress so instead of just lifting it up like I have taught her she would just rather take it all off instead.  These days I find that she is more naked than not.  Instead of getting her clothes on right away she loves to roll up in her favorite blanket named, "Whitie." We love generic names around here.  Emma's favorite blanket is "Brownie."  Abby will stay naked all day if I let her.  It's too bad for her that I eventually make her get dressed.  Since she can put on her own clothes I do encourage her after some freedom to get dressed.  I had a fun time watching her today play in her blanket and act super silly as she got on her shirt.  I loved watching how focused she was on getting the button buttoned on her little shorts.  That is still something that is a little difficult for her to do but she is pretty determined to be independent.  I just love her curiosity, spunk and innocence.   

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