May 28, 2010

So She Says

There are so many fun and interesting things my little Emma says to me throughout each day. Here are a few of her latest sayings:

"Mom, if you had a million babies in your tummy you would be really fat. You are flat now because you don't have any more babies in your tummy."

"Mom, I just love you so much. Can I give you lots of kisses? Wait, now I need to blow you kisses. Don't forget to catch them."

"My favorite color is pink...and purple...and well, all of the colors."

One day Emma decided to play house with Abby. She decorated her closet to be a bedroom and set up a blanket on one of the bins for a bed. As I peaked in the room this is what I heard Emma say to Abby, "Time to eat lunch sweetie-pie. Now it's time to take a nap sweetie-pie. You can get up and have play time sweetie-pie." Everything Emma says now includes the phrase, "sweetie-pie."

Emma really is entertaining. Between her funny faces and funny sayings she keeps us all smiling!

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