May 6, 2010

In the Spotlight...

...was this month's theme for Cub Scouts. Since this was my last time teaching the cub scouts before moving I thought it would be fun to take some headshots of each of the boys that attended our den meeting. It seemed to tie in well with our theme. The boys were good sports and although they probably won't appreciate the pictures now I know that their parents will. Most of the boys are just finishing up their requirements for Wolf or Bear and will be moving up. Only 2 wolf and 2 bear scouts showed up today but it was still great. It has been so much fun being able to be the Wolf Den Leader and to learn so much about cub scouting. More than anything it was fun to be a part of Andrew's wolf year and to help him complete being a Wolf Scout. I just found out that the scouting program in Japan is done through the base and not through our church. That will be exciting to experience cub scouting through a different medium. Go Scouting!!

The Wolf Scouts

The Bear Scouts

Best Friends

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