May 6, 2010

Monkeys and Tricks

Sometimes I feel like I am running a house full of monkeys. Whether the kids are cracking jokes, making silly faces and noises, or climbing all over the furniture I sometimes feel like I am at the zoo. They keep me smiling, they make me laugh, and sometimes they make me a little crazy. Today I took the girls to the park and it was all about being little monkeys and showing me their new tricks. I realized how strong my girls were as they hung off the bars for minutes at a time. Abby made me so nervous as she swung on the bar above the slide. It was hard to tell her no because she loved it so much. Not that saying no would have made her stop anyways. Since we were the only ones at the park I let the girls have free reign and climb up the slides and anything else that might pose a danger with other children around.

Abby was able to climb up onto the big step all by herself for the very first time and tried climbing up the slide which she managed to do without any problems. Her rubber crocs were a big help I'm sure. The saggy diaper was a bit unattractive and could have been avoided had I remembered to put a bloomer on her today. It was hard to keep up with Abby because she was always on the move. I was lucky that I was able to get a few shots of her while she was still. Emma, on the other hand, seemed to stay in one place for longer periods of time enjoying what she was doing before moving onto the next fun thing. Emma was proud of her ability to swing from any bar on the playground and her quickness in climbing up the ladder with the rope. Dressed in pants, skirts, or dresses my girls will always get down and dirty just to have fun. I can't say I blame them. It's not that much fun to stay clean and proper all the time. There is just nothing that beats playing outside on a gorgeous day. We definitely need more of these days so that I don't go completely crazy being cooped up in the house with my little monkeys!

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