March 6, 2010

Pinewood Derby

To some the pinewood derby event for cub scouts is the end all of competitions. There are dads that literally spend hours upon hours building those cars with their boys. It can be such a great bonding experience for the boys as long as dad doesn't completely take over. I was a little worried this year as I knew that Mike would not have a lot of time to spend on the car with Andrew because of his exam which happened to be on the same day as the pinewood derby. Somehow he and Andrew were able to quickly come up with a simple design and color. I picked up some stickers and the car was done in literally 15 minutes, not including drying time. The best part about it was that Andrew was so happy to have been able to help out in making his car. It made me realize that it didn't matter how long was spent on the car but that the time was well spent together. Mike was able to get home in time from his test to make it to the pinewood derby. The couple that was in charge of the pinewood derby were absolute masters. The track was amazing and the computer program that rotated which cars raced was something to behold. Each of the cars raced in their own dens first. Then the cars were scattered between the different dens. I loved how each boy got to see his car race multiple times and on all the tracks. Andrew was happy to have a few wins. That was really all that he needed. By the end of the racing all the kids were just happy for each other. Andrew ended up getting 2nd place for fastest time in his den. And to think that car only took 15 minutes to build and it still was fast. It was a good lesson for this competitive mom to learn.

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