March 2, 2010

First Time

There is always a first time for everything. I just love those first time moments.

A couple of weeks ago Abby was eating lunch and I went upstairs to get something and when I came back downstairs she was totally asleep in her booster chair. I ran and grabbed the camera and she didn't move a muscle. I remember Andrew and Peter falling asleep all the time during lunch. I had almost forgotten all about that until now.

I have loved being able to put Abby's curly hair in a small pony tail. She will now stand on the stool and be patient as I tie a little bow in her hair. She is happy to contribute by handing me many clips while calling them bows. The best part is that she will leave the ponytail in and not bother it. Then I spray her little curls and brush them up and she just looks adorable. The other day I realized that her hair was a bit longer and I wondered...could I possibly get pigtails in there yet?? Sure enough it was long enough for two short little piggytails. With lots of water and many distractions I was able to get Abby to stand long enough to figure out how to keep her little curls in the rubberbands. The end product was to die for cute. Even Peter stared at her during our morning prayer. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "She just looks so cute." Yesterday he asked me if I would put her hair in pigtails because she just looked so cute in them. Peter is such a sweet and observant boy. I must agree with Peter---she just looks so cute in pigtails.

Last week as I was getting the kids ready to go to school I asked them all to get their shoes and coats on. I asked the boys to help Abby get her shoes on. When I came to inspect everyone's progress I noticed that Abby had shoes on--one pink croc and one pink converse. I asked who helped her and they said that she did that all by herself. I had actually seen her get her pink crocs on before but I was impressed that she could get the converse on and velcro them in the right places. It was a another cute moment!

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