March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring

We couldn't have asked for a better day to start out the spring. We were able to wear true spring clothes, play at the park in the warm sunshine, enjoy making each other laugh, do our traditional mini spring photo shoot, and eat ice-cream all the way home. There was a lot of love and happiness today. The only thing we were missing was daddy. He was back in DC visiting his family and attending an ENT conference. We were definitely thinking of him though!

8 years old

loves to draw pictures and write stories
loves to entertain his siblings with his jokes and funny faces
super helper and gets everyone breakfast most mornings
can swim on his own and is improving in his strokes
loves to play baseball with dad
loves to ride his bike
avid reader
loves to walk home from the bus with Peter
excited to move to Japan

Almost 7 years old

super smiley
finally lost his other front tooth
has the most infectious laugh ever
so sweet with a bit of a grumpy streak at times
loves music and will gladly sing songs he learns at school
loves to play pretend and dress up with Emma
can finally ride a bike without help
loves to walk home from the bus with Andrew
so close to swimming by himself
gives lots of hugs and kisses
loves toast rather than cereal for breakfast
excited to move to Japan

4 years old

loves to be outside playing
loves to play board games and computer games
love to play dress up and tea party
loves dresses, skirts, and soft pants
prefers braids and pigtails in her hair
happily plays dolls with Abby
loves books and songs
social bunny
loves starburst candy

Almost 2 years old

loves to talk, talk, talk
loves to get her hair done
loves to brush her teeth
will eat most everything
plays dolls and dress up
loves watching Dora the Explorer
loves books and songs
makes friends easily
loves to sit at the computer and play with the mouse
loves to color with markers and crayons
loves cookies and anything sweet

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