January 19, 2010

Potty Curiosity

Now that Abby is a talking machine you never quite know what is going to come out of that little mouth of hers. Lately she has been curious about the potty. Actually her interest in the potty stems back over the last couple of months of sneaking into the bathroom any chance she got just to play in the toilet bowl. Why she found that appealing was beyond me...especially when the older kids forgot to flush the toilet. Most of the time she is just plain cute but those moments were just plain disgusting and ones I don't like to revisit. Luckily we don't have too much of that going on anymore. A couple of days ago Abby was in the bathroom with me and she kept going on about the potty and the flush. I asked her if she wanted the little potty which I pulled out a couple of months ago just for fun. We opened the closet and I asked her what she wanted. She pointed to the little potty so I got it out and set it up for her. The first day she just got on and off a bunch of times but didn't sit long enough to do anything. The next day I tried to distract her with nursery rhymes and lo and behold something happened. In fact TWO somethings happened. I couldn't believe it. When she was done she preteneded to flush her little potty while saying, "Fush Fush" and then after disposing of everything in the big toilet I let her flush for real. She already knew the next step of washing her hands after witnessing it several times from Emma and hearing me constantly remind the older kids to wash their hands. Washing her hands with the foam soap I think was just as much fun for her as flushing the toilet. I can't believe my little baby is already interested in the potty. Maybe it's a fluke but since then she has already gone two more times for me and is still excited when I ask her if she needs to use the potty. No matter how far her excitement takes her I am going to roll with it. When she loses interest I will have to pull out the big guns--CHOCOLATE that is. It worked with Emma and I know she will be just as much of a sucker for that sweet reward. What exciting times to think about not paying for diapers anymore!!! Abby is the last of our kids to potty train and I am not sad about it--not one little bit!!

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