November 27, 2009


It's amazing how we devote one entire day to making a delicious dinner. I always underestimate how long it will actually take me to make everything. The funny thing is the Turkey takes the least amount of time to prepare. It felt strange to do the entire dinner without my mother here to help me. We had Thanksgiving with our own little family this year and it was great. The kids helped Mike set the table and they made each person a name card. Even Abby got to join us at the table this year and graced us with her version of folding her arms for prayer (hands under her chin). The kids loved the jello, deviled eggs, and my homemade rolls the best. Both Mike and I love it all...especially my rolls and the sweet potateos!! YUM!! We had our traditional lay on the floor feeling fat session after dinner. The kids took advantage of Mike on the floor and convinced him to give them a horsy ride. We were all so thankful this Thanksgiving to be healthy and together. We realized that all we really care about in life is to be together and for everyone to be healthy. If this was all I had...I would be completely happy! It was a Happy Thanksgiving!

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