November 14, 2009

Soccer Season Finale

I have to admit that I am a little relieved that this soccer season is finally over. Both Andrew and Peter loved playing soccer this fall. Both boys had friends on their teams and great coaches. Most of the games this season were pretty dry but very cold. There were many games that were in different locations and at different times. I was so relieved to have help from Mike this season. Last year he was rotating up in Seattle and it was rare to see him at the games on Saturdays. Now his schedule is a little more free for which we are all so grateful. Today it was frosty on the ground which made for a really cold game. Luckily we were prepared with hats and gloves and the kids just had to run faster to stay warm.

Andrew had an excellent game and scored three goals. He played right midfield and did really well in that position. He ran a lot, tried to look for open plays, and was the most aggressive I have ever seen him. I was so proud of him for focusing so well on the game. After the game we were all so cold that we went to the car to warm up before Peter's game.

Peter also had a great game. He also ran hard and scored a couple of goals. Peter was probably the smallest kid on the field but also one of the fastest. I have learned that although Peter is a little smaller than most kids his age, he is also quite tough. He is the one who gets knocked down and pops right back up with a smile on his face. I was so proud to see Peter's improvement this season. I love watching him on the field having so much fun.

Another soccer season down and who knows how many more to go!

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