November 9, 2009

Blast from the Past

While visiting my mom during our girls weekend we spent one of our nights looking at some classic treasures. My mom still had this little box with her original barbie doll and some of the original dresses, outfits, and accessories. I remember her showing this to me as a little girl and admiring how fancy her barbie was compared to my newer barbies. It was a classic and I am so glad that she kept it. Another box from her closet had a couple of outfits I wore when I was a little girl. Also included in the box was a bonnett and a tiny dress my great grandmother made for me when I was a born. Two of the outfits really popped out at me. They were both bought in Japan when we lived there the first time. I was around 2 years old when I wore those outfits. My mom was happy to let me have the outfits so that I could put Abby in them. It seemed fitting to capture Abby in one of the outfits sitting on my old horse. I just love the dress on her. It was a little short but I guess that is how we used to wear them.

I don't remember being so sentimental as a child over such things. I guess I really didn't start caring about old things until after I had my own children. My mother saved my baby doll cradle made by my grandfather and my wicker rocking horse bought in Japan and given to me when I was 2 years old. Mike's mother saved his blessing outfit, his Peter Rabbit doll, and his rocking chair given to him by his great grandmother Emma with her signature still on the bottom. Mike's parents also had the tradition of getting sterling silver cups engraved for each of their children with their name and birthdate. That tradition carried on to our children and now each one of them have their own engraved silver cup. When talking with my mom and being so grateful that she had saved a few things she mentioned how she was sad she didn't save more. It made me start to think about what it is I want to save to pass down to each one of my children. I realized that the outfits she saved meant more to me because there were only a few. With the few things I have saved so far I have started a keepsake box for each of my children. Their keepsake boxes will only be filled with those few but special items they will want to remember. Hopefully someday I will be able to sit with each of my children and pour over those treasured items from their past.

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