March 28, 2011

The Turners Visit

Our super fabulous friends drove down from Pennsylvannia to come and visit us for the day. To say that we were flattered to have friends drive so far just to see us is a total understatement. Joy and I first met when our husbands were in Medical School together at USUHS in Maryland. We had our first babies around the same time and it has been fun being able to keep in touch over the years and watch each other's family grow. We were able to visit them while they lived in Hawaii during their Residency and they came to visit us in Washington during our Residency. We have remained good friends all this time which has been fantastic. The kids played so well together and I absolutely loved being able to talk and spend some time with my good friend Joy. I will be forever grateful for our friendship and can't wait for future adventures together when we are done with our tour in Japan. Thank you friends for coming to visit us and helping us forget for a short time our woes of being separated from our home in Japan.

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