March 28, 2011

First Day at a New School

I debated back and forth whether or not I was going to enroll the boys in elementary school while we are here in Virginia. I am lucky to have a great sister-in-law who did most of the leg work for me and got everything set up for me to easily enroll the boys in the same school her kids go to. Other than filling out tons of paperwork I only had to have the boys get an updated TB shot. They both started school today and came home with smiles. They LOVE going to school at Creighton's Corner Elementary School with their cousins. Andrew is in Mrs. Luvier's 4th grade class and Peter is in Mrs. Canada's 2nd grade class. The first thing the boys said to me when they walked in the door was, "I made so many friends today." There is no question in my mind that they are going to a much better school in terms of environment. It will be nice to be out of the DoDD school for a bit where Andrew was constantly being surrounded by kids who had really bad mouths and a teacher who had no control over his class. Andrew's saving grace at his school in Japan was Mrs. Pollard who he went to for advanced math. She is great and we do miss her and how she challenged Andrew. His new teacher here in Virginia has already spent some time with him one on one just trying to get to know him better. I am pleased that the boys are happy. Routine is good for them and for me. I feel like I can move forward without as much stress.

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