February 11, 2011

Snowy Morning

I must say after all winter of no snow we were pretty excited to see it finally snowing where we live. It was pretty wet most of the morning so it didn't stick at all to the ground. By the afternoon the snow flakes were pretty big and it finally started to stick. Not knowing how long this little snow storm would last, I bundled up the girls and sent them outside to play for a little bit. After finally deciding on snow gloves instead of cotton gloves the girls were much happier and a little bit warmer...especially Abby who had a little outburst of sadness from her cold hands. Both of the girls kept trying to taste the snow and when asked how it tasted Abby told me, "It is delicious!" There wasn't enough snow to build much of anything but the girls found fun in the snow anyways. Yeah for a little snow!

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