February 23, 2011

No Surprise

With two parents with bad eyes it was only a matter of time until we got the news that one of our children would need glasses. Andrew seems to have inherited many of my genes both good and bad. At the beginning of this year we got a notice from school saying that Andrew needed to have a more in depth eye exam done. The result--Andrew in fact needed glasses. His prescription is -0.75 on both eyes which isn't extremely bad but enough that he hasn't been able to see the board clearly. Andrew and I went to a few stores in the area to look at glasses but didn't see anything and finally we decided to just try the NEX on base. With their small selection we weren't holding our breath but what do you know, we found the perfect pair. The only problem was that they wanted to charge us $240 for frames and poly carbonate lenses. No way. So we did the next best thing and took the measurments of the glasses and went online to find the same pair for a much cheaper price. We found his glasses at LensesRX.com and the total including shipping and extended warrantly came to $86. That was something I could live with. The glasses finally came today and Andrew was so excited to try them on and see clearly. I am sure he is already tired of hearing me tell him not to wear them at recess and to put them back in his case when he is not wearing them but I am a worrier and he knows that. I love this kid and he looks as handsome as ever in his new glasses. Indeed he looks like a Kelsch and I must say he looks A LOT like his Uncle Greg.

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