November 1, 2010

Surprise Visit

I am a momma's girl for sure. I was so spoiled these last five years because my mom lived only two states away and I was able to see her so much. I knew that living in Japan would mean that I would not see her that often. This saddened me greatly but I knew that the experience of living in Japan was a once in a lifetime opportunity. During our many Skype calls I would mention to her that she could come and visit anytime she wanted. The truth was I missed her so much but I also knew it was a big expense to fly over here so I never pushed it. Being the great husband that he is, Mike had been searching for discounted tickets. For over a month Mike and my mom planned for a surprise visit. I always find things out so I am still in shock as to how I didn't see this coming. My mom and I talk everyday on skype and we are the best of friends and tell each other pretty much everything so I am surprised that she was able to keep it a secret. Mike told me that he had a late meeting in Yokohama and I just accepted what he said. It had been a very busy day for me and I wasn't looking my best and when the doorbell rang later that night I just assumed that it was Mike. When I opened the door I was in complete shock to see my mom standing on my front porch. At first I was stunned, then I screamed, then I cried and eventually I just started laughing. Mike was in the background taking pictures of the whole thing. This was the best surprise I have ever had. I have never been more surprised by anything in my entire life. I was immediately humbled and grateful for the effort made to get my mom to Japan. It was her birthday present from my dad.  The boys witnessed the whole thing because they were still awake and the girls woke up to a great Grandma surprise.

We were all so excited to have my mom here for 10 days. We did lots of fun things together. We ate at Capricciosa's for her birthday, went running together, played at the park with the kids, hiked to the top of Takatori Mountain with the girls, went to the roller slide park at Kannonzaki, shopped at IKEA, went to the LDS Temple, ate Moti's Butter Chicken and Naan, stayed at the New Sanno in Tokyo with Mike and the kids and went to church in our old church building, went up into Tokyo Tower, rode the train to Shibuya and visited the TEPCO (Tokyo Electric and Power Company) museum, and walked around Yokohama. We did a lot but my favorite part of the whole trip was the time we got to spend together in the Temple. It was truly amazing. I feel blessed to have a dad who let my mom come out for so long, for a mom who flew all the way here to spend some time with me, and for a wonderful husband who watched the kids every moment he could so my mom and I could spend some quality time together. It was a trip I will never forget.

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