November 6, 2010

Tokyo Tower

While we were in Tokyo this trip we headed over to Tokyo Tower to ride the elevator to the observatory to see the great views of Tokyo. Luckily it was a pretty clear day with some minor fog so our view was pretty good. Of course we waited in line to buy our tickets and then to ride the elevator. We all seem to have more patience after waiting in extremely long lines at Disneyland so we were thrilled when we reached the elevator without too much of a wait. It is always interesting seeing how the greeters are decked out to the nine in their uniforms. We loved the lady handing out Tokyo Tower buttons to all the kids. She looked like she belonged at Disneyland. The elevator ride was short but fun. Emma had a big smile the entire ride. Up at the observatory we walked around and enjoyed each of the different views of the city. It was fun to spot different things we saw like a soccer game being played and so forth. After seeing enough of tall buildings we headed back down the elevator and were surprised when it did not drop us off on the first level. Instead we stopped at the 4th floor and had to get off on this terrace level full of kid games (those sneaky Japanese people are always trying to get us to spend more money). We let each of the kids ride one ride before finally making our way to the bottom. After reaching the bottom we saw that it still wasn't quite dark so we all shared some yummy crepes and let the kids run around the Christmas trains that were set up for the holidays. We even got to see the most bizarre show with trained monkeys doing tricks. It was pretty hilarious actually. Right when the show was ending it was finally dark enough outside and Tokyo Tower lit up. We enjoyed our close up view of the tower, took some pictures, and headed back to our hotel. In the day Tokyo Tower is impressive but at night it is just spectacular.

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