October 31, 2010


I always thought that the Japanese didn't celebrate Halloween but after seeing all of the Halloween decorations in town this month I quickly realized that was not quite the case anymore. Still, we had heard that there wasn't a lot of trick or treating out in town so we headed over to our friend's house on base and went trick or treating to the townhomes and towers. We ate some fabulous home made pizza at Sean and Courtney's house and met a few other people who worked at the hospital. Mike and Sean work together and I just adore Courtney and her cute kids. This is one family we look forward to spending more time with.

All of the kids were dressed in BYU football and cheerleading costumes this year. The boys have recently taken an interest in football and this summer Emma was introduced to the cheerleading idea after cheering for us when we were playing kickball over the fourth of July weekend. The girls were cute cheerleaders and the boys were skinny little football players. We took pictures at the High School football field and at the last minute the wind picked up so my initial idea of playing football on the field and getting some action shots didn't quite work out. I was just grateful that the kids stuck it out long enough for me to quickly snap a few photos in their cool costumes. I think the boys liked their black face paint more than anything else. Emma loved carrying around her pom pom and Abby didn't want anything to do with the pom poms but loved to twirl in her cheerleading dress.

Before we headed out to trick or treat, the kids were running around in grass out in front while Abby hung tight to me. The scarry music playing outside was enough to scare her to pieces. She finally did muster up the courage to let me put her down and after a few houses she realized it was actually fun to get candy. The kids got plenty of candy and wanted to keep on going but after several blocks of townhomes and 9 floors of a tower we decided to call it a night. I have to admit that a little part of me was sad to not be able to let the kids hand out candy from our house. They loved that part last year as much as they loved getting the candy. But the upside was that I didnt' have to buy all that candy!

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