June 14, 2011

Flag Retirement Ceremony

Both of the boys were able to participate in a Flag Retirement Ceremony where one of the flags from the USS George Washington was being retired after exposure to the radiation up in Northern Japan after the earthquake and to other wear and tear from being flown while at sea.  There was an additional flag from a cub scout's grandfather that we also retired. The boy scouts were put in charge of cutting up the stripes from the flag and the star section as a whole.  Andrew got really lucky and was given the star section which meant he was able to participate at the end of the ceremony.  Each of the cub scouts, boy scouts, and many leaders were given part of the flag to burn.  We even had an awesome bagpiper playing in the background.  It was really neat for the boys to be part of such an event.  AFN (armed forces network) was there to film the whole thing which was neat and both of the boys were briefly in that video.  It has been amazing to be part of such an awesome Cub Scout Pack here at Yokosuka.  They have really gone above and beyond to put on such great things for the boys.  Andrew and Peter will surely have fond memories of their time as cub scouts because of Pack 33 at Yokosuka.

*photos taken by my friend and my iPhone

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