January 14, 2011

Sea Life at Hakeiijima

Today we had planned on heading up to the Ramen Museum by train but once we stepped outside we realized that it was such a warm day so we immediately changed plans and headed over to Hakeiijima Sea Paradise.  Since our season passes are good until the end of March we try and take advantage of going when we can.  Last time we were there we didn't end up riding the big roller coaster because it had already closed for the night.  That was the first place we headed today but it was not meant to be because they had scaffolding everywhere and were obviously repairing the ride.  It was quite disappointing to Andrew who loves roller coaster rides.  We decided instead to head over to Fureai Lagoon and see the sea life.  We saw dolphins, whales, sea otters, and walruses.  Mike was actually able to pet the whale and we waited for it to come back to the surface for the kids to touch it but it never did.  We sat through a really cool walrus show and then got to pet the really fat walruses.  On our way out we watched the dolphins as they started jumping in and out of the water.  Abby was especially fascinated by the scuba divers that were cleaning the tanks.  We will have to come back when it is warmer so we can walk through the tidal pools.     

We hit some of the smaller rides on the way out of the park.  The kids favorite ride today was the crazy barrels.  They somehow convinced me and Mike to ride this tea cup like ride with them.  The kicker is that while the barrels spin the entire platform of barrels rotates to a 45 degree angle.  It was interesting and I will leave it at that.  I am just glad that we did not get sick.  We rode on the Peter Pan ride and the Great Baron ride as well.  I loved sitting next to Abby on the Peter Pan ride and watching her put her hands in the air and have a grand old time.  Such fun!

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