August 24, 2010

Zushi Beach

For the playgroup this week we headed to Zushi beach to hang out with a few friends and cool off in the water. I decided to just meet everyone there on my own instead of carpooling and luckily I found it without any problems. 20 minutes and 2 tolls later we were right at Zushi beach. Now where to park was the question. There were a couple of paid parking lots along the main road so I just picked the one in the middle not knowing where everyone would be set up on the beach. After getting all of our stuff situated I asked someone (in Japanese) how to get down to the beach. It didn't look like we could cross the main road. The man found out for us that we could use one of the underpasses. After finally making it across we scouted out where the other Americans were. We found our friends and had a blast staying cool in water. The waves were small so even the small children could be in the water without too much worry. I put floaties on Emma and Abby so that they could be free in the water. Abby sat in the water and let the small waves push her to shore. She loved the freedom of being in the water. The boys had fun exploring in the shallow water with their goggles on. They even ventured out a little farther to spot fish and seaweed. Emma enjoyed collecing and washing off her new shells. They all dug moats in the sand and played with some of our new friends. Today there was a rope barrier because the wind surfers were out practicing. It was fun to watch all of them out on the water.

It was finally time to go so we packed up all of our stuff. Did I mention that I really don't like sand? We did find our way back to the car and were nearly dripping with sweat by the time we got back to the car. We brushed off the remainder of the sand off of our legs and feet and happily sat in the cool car. We had a great morning with our new friends. As I pulled out of the parking lot to pay I was shocked to find out that this particular parking lot was 400 yen every 30 minutes. So basically I paid 2,800 yen (@ $34) to park for a little over 3 hours. bet. Worth the adventure...definitely. Next time I will just park somewhere else.

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