September 15, 2010

Pink Ballerinas

If there is one thing I love about the ages of my girls right now it would be that they love doing the same kinds of things. They love the same books, the same toys, and for the most part they get along pretty well. One of the first books Emma picked up at the library this summer was a small book about a pink ballerina. Both Emma and Abby loved this book and made me read it at least a couple of times each night before bed. They would get their pink dress up skirts and twirl around their room pretending to be ballerinas. Emma was smitten with the idea of being a ballerina. For weeks she kept asking me if I could sign her up for a ballet class. I finally signed her up for the 4 & 5 year old class which was a little bit more demanding than the toddler ballet class. At the time I did not know that there was a class for Abby. Emma's first class was interesting as she did not know anything about ballet and so she just listened to her japanese intructor with her poor english and watched what the other girls were doing. It didn't take Emma too long to figure out what was going on. At times she played the shy card which is funny to me because she is not a shy girl. After a couple of classes Grandma Ann sent Emma a new leotard and skirt and a new pair of pink tights. Emma is always telling me, "I can't wait until we can do twirls in class." She just loves to twirl around at home in her tutus and skirts.

Over the course of a couple of weeks I noticed how excited Abby was for Emma during ballet days. I watched Abby during Emma's classes as she would sit on the floor and mimick some of the things Emma was doing in her class. One day another mom in the class leaned over to me and told me about the toddler class for 2&3 year olds. I was sold. It was a done deal. I immediately signed Abby up that day. I decided to try just one class before signing up for the month just to see how she would handle it. I was amazed at how well she did her first class. I really wasn't expecting much. There was no crying and no shyness. She loved every minute of her special time in ballet.

I never thought my girls would love ballet this much. I love how they both get excited before class and how they love to wear their ballet clothes all morning before class. I love dressing them up in their pink leotards and doing their hair in fun pony tails and buns. I love how they get to do something fun together. I love how cute they look walking together into their class. Who knows how long this interest in ballet will last. For now I am enjoying every minute of their happy little faces as they get to do something fun on their special day!

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