April 18, 2010

Peter's 7th Birthday

Our sweet Pete finally turned 7 years old. Family birthday parties seem to be the theme as of late. I have to say that they really are the way to go. Peter turned 7 on Sunday this year. Mike took the lead this year and made a fun dinner for Peter and surprised him with chocolate cupcakes that Emma helped to make. All Peter wanted to eat was small peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with chocolate chips around the plate. We ate strawberries, crackers, cheese, and the yummiest BBQ chicken. After feeling full and enjoying some fabulous chocolate cupcakes we all headed over to the trampoline for some fun together. It was so nice to see the kids playing happily together and making Peter's day truly special. Peter entertained us with his funny faces and goofy nature. It was good to all be together on Peter's special day. We love you Peter!

Peter was so excited to be able to celebrate his birthday with his grandparents before they left. Two days before Peter's real birthday Grandpa Franz and Grandma Anne took us all out to eat pizza at Farellis. The pizza and salad was so delicious. Peter got to order whatever he wanted so he ordered nachos and sprite. He cleared that entire plate of nachos...WOW! Each of the kids got a balloon and then grandma and grandpa gave the boys a bunch of quarters to play video games while Mike and I took the girls home to get the presents ready. We decided to make quick homemade oreo cookies for Peter instead of a cake. We put seven cookies on a platter in the shape of the number 7. He loved that! Peter loved opening all of his gifts. He got legos this year from everyone. After feeling full from eating cookies he ran upstairs with Andrew to put his legos together. About an hour went by and then the boys came downstairs to ask us how they were suppossed to build the Indiana Jones lego planes because they were already partially put together and they didn't have any instructions. I thought that was rather strange so I went upstairs to inspect and realized that someone had already bought these legos, put them together and then returned it to the store. No wonder why my boys were confused. I would have had a hard time building without instructions as well. There was a little sadness as we had to pack the legos back in the box to return to the store. Luckily we had no problems exchanging the box for a new one. Peter was able to build those airplanes all by himself--only needing Andrew's help with the wheels. He was so proud of himself!

The day after his birthday Peter got a card in the mail from Grandpa Al with $5 in it. His eyes got real big as that is a lot of money for a 7 year old...well at least we think so. It was like he won the lottery. I am glad to see that some things never change. I used to be so excited over a couple of dollars from my grandparents for my birthday! I hope this tradition continues! Happy Birthday Kiddo!!

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