April 13, 2010


As I ponder about Abby being our last baby I have to admit that a part of me is a little sad to let go of the baby years. I definitely will not miss those long and paranoid pregnancies, painful deliveries, sleepless nights, unpleasant body changes, and frequent diaper changes. What I will miss are those sweet moments where your baby just stares at you and even though there are no words exchanged you both know what each other is feeling. I love those baby smiles and giggles and all the first time moments. I love the way my babies smell and how I get to lather them with sweet smelling lotion after their bath. Truth be told I still do this with my girls. I will miss the chubby legs, neck rolls and bald heads. With all those things I will surely miss there is one word that brings comfort to me---Grandmother. In the wonderful circle of life someday I will be able to enjoy all of those moments intimately with my grandchildren. My kids have the best grandparents and it is only too bad that they never really got to know their Grandma Candace. She was such a wonderful woman whom I still have fond memories of. She was strong, courageous, valiant, honest, true, loving, patient, and so much fun. I miss her dearly. I do feel lucky, however, to have a wonderful mother who is a fabulous grandmother to my children. I feel so lucky that she is so involved with my children. She has been there for every important moment of their lives and she loves them so much. My mother is also a strong woman, very courageous, valiant and true, loving, patient, kind, fun, gentle, and full of faith. I couldn't have asked for a better grandmother to teach my children things I can't teach them. She loves to spend time with each of my kids and loves them for who they are--even when they are being naughty. There is always so much excitment when she comes to visit and lots of sadness when she has to go home. As soon as grandma leaves they all ask, "When is grandma coming back?" I sympathize with them as I miss her too when she is gone. I am thankful for Grandmothers and for their wisdom and love. There is something so sweet about the bond between my girls and their grandmother. I know that she thinks of them as her girls too. I always pray that my mom will live a really long life because we would be lost without her. I need her and her wonderful words of encouragment. There is nothing better than being a mother and a grandmother. So as I say goodbye to the baby years I say hello to many wonderful years of excitment and joy as I learn how to be a good mom and wonderful grandmother!

Oh how we all miss you Grandma Candace. Someday we will all be together again. I look forward to that sweet reunion!

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