March 24, 2013

The Holtoms Visit Japan

We had family from Virginia come to visit us all the way in Japan. We were excited to see the Holtoms and show them around the Tokyo area. We wish Mike had felt better as he really wanted to be the one to show them around. As it turned out he was bed ridden so Abby and I became the tour guides for the week while my older kids were still in school. 

M O N D A Y 

Today we went to see the Big Buddha in the main shrine in Kamakura. We paid the extra 50 yen to go up into the Buddha which was really neat. Although the ramen shop was closed we still enjoyed some delicious traditional Japanese noodles. We ate at the awesome Udon shop down the shopping street in Kamakura. It was delicious on this particularly brisk morning. We loved watching them cut and make the fresh noodles and fry the vegetables for our tempura.


It was a bit sunnier today so we headed up to Yokohama by train.  We had anticipated exploring the Cup of Noodle factory but it was closed on Tuesdays...go figure.  We headed along the boardwalk between World Porters and the main center of Yokohama and enjoyed the cherry blossoms there.  Then we headed to the top of the Landmark Tower to see the incredible view of Yokohama.  

T H U R S D A Y - S A T U R D A Y

We all said goodbye to Mike as he got on the bus to take him to the airport to catch a flight to Hawaii.    I was grateful to his dad who already had plane tickets to fly into Narita that day.   He was able to arrive in Narita and then hop on a flight with Mike to Hawaii to be his escort as he was in pretty bad shape.  I needed to stay with the Holtoms as they required an active duty military person to stay at the New Sanno hotel in Tokyo.  It was hard to not leave with Mike but I knew that he was in good hands with his dad.

During our weekend up in Tokyo we explored Meiji Shrine where we actually got to see a newly married couple walk through the inner part of the shrine.  That was awesome.  We also went to Shinjuku Park to see the cherry blossoms.  It was quite a site to behold.  We let the kids run around then we all had ice-cream.  We ventured over to O'Daiba with the Holtoms but split midday so they could do a little more exploring.  The kids and I spent the remainder of our weekend in the hotel pool.  

M E I J I  S H R I N E

S H I N J U K U  P A R K

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