November 12, 2012

First Grade Fun

This month I was able to be part of two fun events with Emma's multiage K/1 class. On November 7th I was able to go on a field trip with Emma's class to one of the farms down near Muira to pick sweet potatoes and mikans. Emma was so excited to sit with me on the bus and she had a blast picking Japanese sweet potatoes out of the ground with her friend Catherine. They both found some ridiculously long sweet potatoes. Between Emma and I we both came away with two big bags of yummy potatoes. Then it was off to the mikan orchard to pick sweet Japanese tangerines called mikans. They only gave us small bags to collect them in but between the both of us we were able to pick quite a few. We also got to eat as many as we wanted while we were there. After having a picnic in the orchard we wandered between the mikan trees looking for the best ones and eating just as many along the way. Field trips are fun, especially when you get to eat yummy things along the way.

The following week Emma's class and the other multiage K/1 class held a 50's party to celebrate the 50th day of school. Lucky for Emma she already had a great 50's costume from Halloween so I sent her to school all dressed up in her poodle skirt, shoes, glasses and hair pulled in a ponytail. Abby was excited to wear her 50's costume as well and she joined Emma during their party. Emma was so sweet to let Abby tag along with her. She just made her feel part of the group. There were a couple of different stations that the kids rotated through. The stations were: gluing cotton balls on the poodle, making soda jerk hats, playing hopscotch and hula hoop, and playing jacks and other fun floor games. After each station the kids earned one penny and then at the end of all the stations they got to use their pennys to buy candy at the penny parlor. The party was a huge hit. They ended with lunch of burgers, fries and milkshakes. Yum Yum!

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