August 8, 2012

Road Trip out West . Day 3

Alps Park and Nozawa Onsen

Today we packed up our tents and left the campsite and headed down the hill to a really fun park called Alps Park.  This park had roller slides, alpine slides, obstacle courses, fun swings, trampolines, and a huge wall to climb up and slide down.  We spent a good portion of our morning at the park just playing.  The kids particularly enjoyed the apline slide and we did that a couple of times.  The course was super fast and shaded in the woods.  Once at the bottom we just stayed on the slides because there was a tow rope that pulled the slide back up to the top on a separate track.  It was brilliant! 
Before leaving the park we ate lunch and had ice-cream and went up to the observation deck of the tall tower to see all of Matsumoto city.  It was such a fantastic view of the city. 

We said goodbye to Matsumoto and traveled up north towards Nagano.  We stayed in a town close to Nagano called Nozawa Onsen.  We rented a house for a couple of nights from an Australian couple.  The house was really cool except for the fact that it DID NOT have AC.  The afternoon sun really cooked up the place so it was quite unpleasant until the sun went down.  Most people stay in the house during the winter months so they can go skiing so there were plenty of heaters.  It's a good thing we had our days planned out so we didn't have to roast in the house during the day.

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