July 3, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Our 4th of July celebration started bright and early Saturday morning as I helped Mike get the boys ready for a hike up to the Y in Provo, Utah. Mike took the boys and met one of our good friends from BYU with his two boys and they all climbed the mountain together. Apparently Peter was quite the speedy little mountain goat and made it to the Y before anyone else. He even did it in his crocs of which I strongly was opposed to him doing. Nonetheless, he did it and he was so proud of himself. Afterwards they all went to eat ice-cream at the BYU creamery.

We had a fabulous BBQ with watermelon, hamburgers, hot dogs, soda, chips and cookies and then we just relaxed for the rest of the day. My mom and I even got to sneak out for a bit to go shopping. I wish we lived closer so that we could do that more often.

We got back just in time for a quick dinner before heading over to the Stadium of Fire at the BYU football stadium. Mike was kind enough to stay home with the girls because we knew that they wouldn't last so we didn't bother getting tickets for them. The boys were so excited to get a special treat and sit and watch the fireworks. They asked me over 20 times when the fireworks were going to start. Once the show really picked up they were entertained enough to not ask quite so often. There were some stadium dancers (all kids) and they had performers like Jenny Oaks Baker (famous violonist), the Osmond 2nd generation, the 5 Browns, and Carrie Underwood! They even held the biggest eagles nest of all time to celebrate the boy scouts 100th year anniversary. 260 boy scouts from all over the country came to recieve their eagle. It was quite a sight to see. I was happy that the boys got to witness such a momentous occasion.

I really enjoyed the fabulous concert put on by Carrie Underwood. I never realized that she writes her own music. She is not only an amazing performer but is really quite spiritual. I love that about her. It was nice to see someone so successful give so much devotion to God. During the last couple of her songs I kept hearing from the boys, "Is this the last song?" I knew her singing wouldn't hold their interest for very long but they were patient and when it was finally time for the fireworks they weren't sorry that they had to wait so long. The firework show was the BEST I had ever witnessed. Apparently the Stadium of Fire hosts the biggest firework show in the United States. After seeing all those fireworks there really was no need to have our own fireworks.

We all enjoyed 4th of July Sunday and even got to spend the afternoon outside playing kickball with the kids. We played and ate popsicles and enjoyed being able to be together. It was the best 4th of July weekend ever!

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