March 12, 2008

Picture LOVE

As I was shopping today, I found these adorable dress up things for Emma. I have been trying so hard to wait until right before the baby is born to surprise her with her own set of dress up things....but I couldn't help myself. I found them at Tuesday Morning and they were so cheap. Of course she wanted to play dress up right away. After lunch Emma and I wandered upstairs and had so much fun playing together. I found yet another opportunity to sneak in a few pictures of her while we were having fun. When it comes to pictures, I guess you could say that I just love them. My love of photography stems from my Dad. When he and my mom were newly married, he built his own dark room and developed his own pictures. Then he proceeded to take our own family pictures. Although I was too young to remember those things, the thing I do remember is our family nights filled with hours of watching good old fashioned slides. My dad always had a camera in tow and took many great pictures of us growing up to which I am now so grateful to have in my possesion. I believe that pictures can sometimes speak louder than words. I also believe that anyone can take great pictures...all you really need is a camera and a desire to capture those precious and unforgettable moments!


  1. She looks so cute. Who would have been able resist giving her pretty things to play with before they were supposed to.

  2. You really do have talent Sara. Did you hang up a sheet or something? Looks like you have a studio set up there. Great pictures.