April 19, 2013

Piano Recital

The kids have absolutely loved Hiroko as their piano teacher.  She has been coming to our house to teach Andrew, Peter, and Emma piano for the last two years.  Today was our last piano recital with her.  Andrew played the Spinning Song, Peter played the Battle of Jericho, and Emma played Fur Elise.  They all did such a great job.  Hiroko was pretty adamant about having the kids bow before and after their song.  For some reason Emma did not want to bow but she was obedient and did it just like she practiced with the addition of a little eye roll.  The audience broke out in playful laughter.  Our Emma is such a character.  All the kids played so well.  I was so proud of them for calmly getting up and playing in front of everyone. This year our neighbors and friends, the Murata's, also participated in the recital since Rin started taking lessons from Hiroko.  It was fun having them there with us.

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